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Love when the style matches the scene.

Cherish the magical moments of the day.

Don't mind being a bit "unique".

Couples that work with me:

Love when the style matches the scene.

Cherish the magical moments of the day.

Don't mind being a bit "unique".

Couples that work with me:

Eric Boylan, wedding photographer in New York City

After 10 years as a wedding musician, I picked up my old camera and started taking photos of my newborn son. I noticed parallels between music and photography in the balance of light and dark, loud and quiet, and timelessness and finiteness. I knew I needed to pivot into the world of photography.

Fast forward to today, and I love taking vibrant and creative photos of down-to-earth couples so they can relive the excitement of their wedding day for years to come.

In that moment, I realized why I LOVE being a wedding photographer: I'm documenting the moment a family takes its next step forward. My path to wedding photography began when my family took a similar step. she stood with her father at the beginning of the aisle. She looked at her father and took her first step towards the altar as a joyful tear ran down both their cheeks. 

Amanda's excitement filled the room...

I love helping couples find the best vendors for their wedding day (even if that's not me)! Take a listen to my podcast as I dive into various topics about wedding planning, vendors, traditions, the experience, and photography techniques.

The "PhotoBomb" Podcast

Want to see why I think a vendor's website is better than The Knot? Here's something you won't see there: See the full wedding experience with me from booking to delivery.

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For Brides

As a New York City Wedding Photographer, I have been part of countless weddings. I've compiled some of my favorite NYC Wedding Venues, DJs, Florists, and Planners to help guide you along the way!

When you look through your wedding gallery, you should remember the connection you made with your partner, family, and guests. 

While some posing and staging is normal during a wedding day, I incorporate elements of movement or emotion in every moment so every photo feels authentic and connected.


Photo by Eric Boylan, New York City Wedding Photography

Photos by Eric Boylan, New York City Wedding Photography

Photo by Eric Boylan, NYC Wedding Photographer

Timeless and extraordinary wedding photography in New York City

Eric Boylan is a New York City wedding photographer
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