How Much to Invest in Wedding Photography in 2023 

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So How Much Should I REALLY Spend??

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Every photographer has a different business model, and It can be VERY hard to keep track of the details of each individual photographer's offerings. However, there are a few things that are commonly factored into the overall cost of all wedding photographers.

Experience of the Photographer
The experience of a photographer is one of the most significant factors that influence the cost. A photographer with more experience will generally charge more than a photographer who is just starting in the industry. This is because an experienced photographer has developed a unique style that has taken years to perfect. They are also likely to have invested in professional equipment and editing software, which can also impact the cost.

Another factor that influences the cost of wedding photography is the amount of time the photographer spends at your wedding. Photographers typically charge by the hour, so the longer they are required to be present at your wedding, the higher the cost is likely to be. If you require your photographer to stay for additional hours or to capture specific moments outside of the agreed-upon timeline, this will likely result in additional fees.

The location of your wedding can also impact the cost of wedding photography. If your wedding is in a popular city or destination location, photographers may charge more due to the higher cost of living and travel expenses. If your wedding is in a more remote or rural area, photographers may charge more due to the additional time and effort required to travel to the location.

The style of photography that you choose can also impact the cost of wedding photography. Some photographers specialize in a specific style, such as photojournalism or fine art, which may be more expensive than traditional wedding photography. Additionally, if you require additional editing or retouching, this may also increase the cost.

Services and Products
Finally, the services and products offered by the photographer can impact the cost of wedding photography. Some photographers offer a basic package that includes a certain number of hours of coverage and digital files, while others offer more extensive packages that may include prints, albums, and other products. The more services and products that are included in the package, the higher the cost is likely to be.

What Else Effects Pricing?

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A wedding photographer is a big investment for you to not fully understand the ins and outs. Let me walk you through the different tiers of wedding photographers in Scranton, The Poconos, NY and NJ so you can know what to expect at every price point. These prices are based on a full day of wedding coverage.

Beginner: $0 - $1000

Hiring a beginner photographer is risky because they probably haven't mastered their gear and won't be able to guide you through your day. It's even possible that a beginner doesn't understand the timeline of a traditional wedding and may cause issues with other vendors. Their inexperience will be noticeable and will probably affect the quality of the images you receive.

Amateur or Hobbyist: $1000-$2000

The amateur or hobbyist photographer has likely done a few weddings or has some experience, but they may not be as in demand because they are still developing their style and business. However, they are likely working towards becoming a professional wedding photographer and are investing in better-quality gear. 

Professional: $2000-$5000+

The professional photographer has extensive experience and knows how to meet the needs of their clients. You can look at their portfolio and know what to expect with your own wedding gallery. You know they will deliver high-quality work.

Luxury: $6000+
This level of professional photographer seamlessly captures high-profile events and delivers a consistently excellent product. These photographers often have multiple "upsells" that they will hit you with after the wedding such as extremely high end prints, in person sales, and "gallery reveals".

I'm aware these price ranges are very broad, and there's a lot of grey area in between! If you're concerned your budget doesn't match your desired photos, I'm here to help! Book a consult call and we can discuss ways we can make your dreams come true!

Breaking Down the Average Cost for Wedding Photography

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I recently saw a post in an online wedding group. The bride set her budget and started shopping for photographers. However, very few photographers matched her vision and their packages lacked the timeframe she required. Another bride commented that she looked for a photographer who matched her personality, needs, and vision first. She then decided the budget to spend to get that photographer.

I'm not saying either are correct, because both had to make compromises. The question is whether or not to compromise on your photography. That's where this article aims to help. Being better informed of everything that goes into your wedding photography budget will help you decide which path to take.

It's also perfectly fine to need someone to hold your hand and guide you! I love helping couples find their photographer to perfectly capture their day the way they envision it, EVEN IF I DON'T FIT THE BILL! Book a consult call and we will discuss what you're looking for and I will dig through my list of photographers and be your "matchmaker"! 

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