The top 3 Scranton Florists

As I’m sure you are already well aware, flowers play a crucial role in creating the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of a wedding. They not only set that color palate for the entire day, but they also add depth and dimension to your photos. One thing that sets great wedding photos apart are the colors within and the way the colors flow throughout your gallery. Go back and look at your friends’ recent posts on Instagram and you’ll instantly and pretend for just a second the flowers weren’t there….. (Go ahead, go do it!). Pretty bland right? This is why choosing the right florist is essential. In my opinion, there are three Scranton florists that consistently stand out to me as the best in the business:

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Central Park Flowers

You can tell the moment you click the link above that they take pride in their work. There’s immediate depth just in their online website and photos, let alone when you witness these masterpieces in person. This is why Central Park Flowers is a top choice for many brides and grooms in Scranton. Their attention to detail and ability to create stunning arrangements is unmatched. They take a personalized approach to each wedding, ensuring that every arrangement they create is a work of art. Whether it’s the bridal bouquet, the centerpieces, or the decor, Central Park Flowers never fails to bring a touch of beauty and romance to a wedding.

My favorite piece of theirs: The Patriot– I have no idea what type of flowers this spiny things are (yes I am a typical brut here), but they sure do look awesome.

McCarthy Flowers

McCarthy Flowers has two locations within a few miles of each other in Scranton, which goes to show you just how popular (for good reason) they are! The one thing that stands out to me the most is their use of color within their arrangements. Their arrangements are extremely vibrant and bursting with joy, and this translates VERY well in photos. Any time I have stopped in myself for some arrangements, the staff were very knowledgable and had a clear passion for flowers, even leading me to the special back area to find me exactly what I wanted! They have a unique style that sets them apart from other florists, and their designs are always memorable. With a focus on color, McCarthy Flowers brings a touch of originality to each wedding they work on.

My favorite piece of theirs: Purples in Paris– This would match SO well with the grandure of venues like the Scranton Cultural Center

South Side Floral Shop

While the last two florists tend to focus on modern design, South Side Floral Shop does what it does best: The classics. There is a reason that these designs have sold to millions of brides and grooms over the past few decades: They’re simple and downright beautiful. This is what makes South Side Floral Shop a hidden gem in Scranton. They are a favorite of many wedding planners and venue owners in the area, and it’s easy to see why. Their floral designs are always breathtaking, and they consistently deliver stunning arrangements that make a wedding truly special.

My favorite of their works: The Tastefully Timeless Bouquet– The light brown touches throughout would match the decor of the Radisson beautifully.

To Conclude

Each of these florists bring their own unique qualities and specialties to the table, but they all share a passion for creating beautiful and memorable floral designs. As a Scranton wedding photographer, I would highly recommend them to any couple looking to add a touch of beauty and romance to their wedding day

If you’ve found the perfect fit for your florist, be sure to secure them asap. If you’re still unsure, be sure to not miss my free floral consult service where I’ll use my years of experience to discover which florist really best fits your style and vision.

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