The Top 3 Philadelphia Wedding Florists

As I’m sure you are already well aware, flowers play a crucial role in creating the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of a wedding. They not only set that color palate for the entire day, but they also add depth and dimension to your photos. One thing that sets great wedding photos apart are the colors within and the way the colors flow throughout your gallery. Go back and look at your friends’ recent posts on Instagram and you’ll instantly and pretend for just a second the flowers weren’t there….. (Go ahead, go do it!). Pretty bland right? This is why choosing the right florist is essential. In my opinion, there are three Philly wedding florists that consistently stand out to me as the best in the business:

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Loven Fresh Flowers

Loven Fresh Flowers is a boutique floral studio that specializes in locally-sourced, seasonal blooms. Lead florist Jennie Love is committed to sustainability and incorporates eco-friendly practices into every aspect of her business, from compostable floral foam to recycling all waste. Loven Fresh Flowers offers a range of services, from full-service floral design to DIY flower buckets for couples who want to create their own arrangements. I love the natural, organic feel of their arrangements, which are perfect for outdoor weddings or couples who want to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Robertson’s Weddings

Robertson’s Weddings is a family-owned florist that has been serving the Philadelphia area for over 100 years. Lead florist Richard Robertson is committed to providing exceptional service and creating custom floral designs that perfectly capture each couple’s vision. Robertson’s Weddings offers full-service floral design, as well as DIY packages for couples who want to create their own arrangements. Their arrangements have a classic, timeless quality that is perfect for traditional weddings. I appreciate their attention to detail and the quality of their blooms, which always look fresh and vibrant.

Carl Alan Floral Artistry

Carl Alan Floral Artistry is the perfect choice for couples who want to create a bold, dramatic look for their wedding. Lead florist Carl Alan has been creating show-stopping floral designs for over 50 years and is known for his willingness to push the boundaries of traditional floral design. Carl Alan Floral Artistry offers a range of services, from full-service floral design to DIY packages. I appreciate their commitment to creating custom designs that perfectly capture each couple’s unique style. Their arrangements are perfect for couples who want to create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere at their wedding.

To Conclude

Each of these florists bring their own unique qualities and specialties to the table, but they all share a passion for creating beautiful and memorable floral designs. As a Philly wedding photographer, I would highly recommend them to any couple looking to add a touch of beauty and romance to their wedding day

If you’ve found the perfect fit for your florist, be sure to secure them asap. If you’re still unsure, be sure to not miss my free floral consult service where I’ll use my years of experience to discover which florist really best fits your style and vision.

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