A Frances Slocum Engagement: Pennsylvania Photography | Krystina and Mitch

When I turned 16 and got my driver’s license, the very first thing I did was hop in the car and drive to Frances Slocum State Park. It was my favorite place to go and decompress, sit by the water, hike, and fish. If I was in a funk, the beauty and peacefulness of the park would heal me and make me whole.

When Krystina and Mitch said they wanted to do their photos at Frances Slocum State Park, I didn’t even need to think about the locations we would head to. We started at the “Lilypads”, which are so unique and hard to explain that it blew them away the moment we saw them. Then we walked the trail and got some photos. We then went over to the Lake and finished up in the open field heading towards the lake. Of course, I had to get my obligatory silhouette and the sunset did NOT disappoint.

It’s so awesome being able to capture this young and in love couple in a spot that now means so much to all of us! I can’t wait for the wedding! ⁣

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