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Cassandra and Brendon’s wedding was transportive (I know, long word, but keep reading). The entire DAY was absolutely gorgeous. The grounds of Friedman Farms couldn’t have been any more pristine and the ceremony was sunny, bright and vibrant. We had so much fun all day and planned to go back out for some photos around golden hour when we noticed the rain moving in. Thinking nothing of it, we stayed in the barn and partied it up. There were a few loud thunder crashes and a couple minor leaks, but no one batted an eye. The dance floor was packed, everyone was having fun, and the thunder cracks only added to the party.

What we didn’t realize was that it was a downpour of biblical proportions outside! When the music stopped, I finally looked at my phone with 30 missed messages urging me to be careful getting home! Luckily, Everyone made it home OK and the night was a great success.

However, this speaks fully of the love between these two. Not one guest left when the weather got rough. Heck, no-one even seemed to notice what was going on outside because the “PLACE TO BE” was inside that beautiful barn with a beautiful couple celebrating THEM.

And THAT’S how you know you have the people you love surrounding you.

Friedman Farms

I can’t say much about Friedman Farms that these photos themselves don’t already say! The grounds are just stunning with their sprawling green hills, beautiful willows, and Horses (yes horses)! But once you step inside the barn you’re transported to into a beautiful sort of old-world charm. I LOVE that its not fully painted and remodeled into some white spectacle, but retains its rustic character all the way down to the little gaps between the boards in the wall. HOWEVER, as stated above, this old barn kept out a literal TON of water and I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to host an event there when rain is a possibility!

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Cassandra and Brendon’s Vendor Team

Venue: @friedmanfarms
Catering: Grico’s Restaurant
Cake: Bakery Delite⁣
Dress: David’s Bridal⁣
Hair/make-up: Rustic Roots⁣
Dj: Tons of Fun DJ’s⁣

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